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Team Utrecht ’17

Welcome to the official UU-website of iGEM Team Utrecht 2017

In 2017, for the first time, Utrecht University competed in the largest Synthetic Biology competition of the world.

A diverse team of 15 Utrecht University students worked hard to find a scientific solution to a real-world problem of their choice using tools of synthetic biology. Their results were presented at the Giant iGEM Jamboree in November ’17 where they competed for medals and prices against other teams from all over the world. Utrecht won a gold medal!
Below is a photo of the 2017 team. More info: http://2017.igem.org/Team:Utrecht/team

(left to right, top to bottom: Ali, Kewin, Dorien, Pamela, Ouafa, Lishi, Rawan, Stefan, Theun, Leander, Sam, Merel, Quincy, Giel, Veerle, Glenn)